Selection Software Tool

ProPumpSizer 2.0


"ProPumpSizer 2.0"is a new, expanded planning tool to help you select the right size of pump. The ProPumpSizer combines an intelligently designed selection system with detailed product data and clearly structured calculation methods. A wide range of new functions and up-to-date data are just some of the many advantages offered by this new tool.

The user can make a selection in different ways, based on the operating point, type of application or product name. The hydraulically based selection determines the operating point, which is then shown as pump and system characteristic curves. The user is then guided through various menus, to select the valves, pipelines and wastewater units to be connected, until the desired result is found.

As well as providing specification texts, data sheets and characteristic curves, the comprehensive database also includes software for quotation texts and prices. The user is also provided with suggestions regarding useful and relevant pump accessories. The integrated software for the preparation of quotations allows changes to be made manually to the prices and text passages, and new items can be added as required. The user management system allows each registered user to select the specific features that he/she requires. The software supports many other languages in addition to Italian German and English.