Sta-Rite is the new European brand for fresh water pumps

Since May 1, 2018, Pentair plc has been a pure water technology company. Following the separation from its electrical division, the company has undertaken a strategic brand review. In future, Pentair will retain only larger global premium brands with strong customer loyalty and a first-class reputation in its portfolio. The former Italian pump brand Nocchi will become the Sta-Rite brand from 1st October 2018. Selected wastewater pumps that were previously branded under Nocchi will in future be marketed under the German Jung Pumpen brand.

Pentair is a water technology company that provides innovative products and services for the entire water cycle, from extraction and treatment to disposal. In Europe, domestic and commercial applications (fresh water supply and waste water disposal) are mainly represented by the pump brands Jung Pumpen and previously Nocchi.

The Sta-Rite brand exists since 1934 and is sold in over 100 countries worldwide. In Europe, Pentair already produces a wide range of Sta-Rite swimming pool pumps and cleaners for its pool division, which have gained a reputation for quality and durability. The new European Sta-Rite line for residential water supply and water disposal will be manufactured in Italy/Pisa. In addition to the existing products, the portfolio will be gradually expanded with further products. To this end, further investments are planned in Pisa over the coming months.

Little will change for the existing Nocchi customers. The fresh water pumps will be sold under Sta-Rite and all marketing material (packaging, catalogues and websites) will be adapted accordingly. The new additions to Jung Pumpen from the Italian production will provide an additional range of products for international markets.